Teaching Special Needs



Please excuse the fact that I’ve been so MIA lately.  I have been crazy busy teaching, taking on extra responsibilities, and more.  All while trying to maintain what sanity I have left, which isn’t a lot.  I am a high school special education teacher so I stay busy throughout my day.  Teaching is the most rewarding jobs I have ever had.  Especially teaching students with special needs.

I have stories for DAYS about all of the sweet things my students have said or done.  Each have their own unique gift, personality, and struggles. These students have the sweetest souls and the kindest hearts.  I have had some incredibly rewarding moments already, and it’s just the beginning of October (shoot, I’ve had rewarding moments since the first day of school).

I receive many “I love you’s”, little rascal waves (I taught them the hand signal from the movie, and now we do that to one another all the time), hugs, letters and drawings throughout the day.

One of the most touching moments didn’t come from my kiddos, but from the rest of the school. At our Homecoming assembly, a student spoke about our Special Needs sports program and of ways students can volunteer to help.  She then pointed the crowd to the section in which our students were sitting/standing at.  Slowly, and unprompted, the entire school started clapping.  Then, the students began to stand.  The entire school, students, athletes, band, staff, etc., was on their feet giving my students a standing ovation.  Of course I began crying, per usual.  (I didn’t do my ugly “Kim K. cry”.. yet. I saved that for the car ride home).

Of course, high school students are at the sassy, think they’re invincible stage., but they also have sweet hearts as well.  I work at a school where love radiates throughout the hallways for my students.

I am so lucky to be their teacher, especially at the school in my district.


Why I Don’t Believe in Guilty Pleasures



What’s your guilty pleasure?  Uh, how many times have we been asked this in our lives?  How many of us think of the typical answers:  reality shows, cupcakes, buying makeup we don’t need, buying yet another sports jersey, etc.?  I don’t agree with any of that.

I mean, if you want to watch Judge Judy in your underwear you shouldn’t make yourself feel bad about that.  I love Judge Judith.  Besides the point.  I just think life is far too short to feel guilty about doing something we like.  We all go through crap in our daily lives, so why shouldn’t we indulge a little?

I’m not saying we need to eat a whole cheesecake, pay for things we can’t afford, or get lazy and watch t.v. instead of our grown up responsibilities.  But for the love of chocolate, eat a chocolate. Indulge a little.  And if something popped in your mind when I said guilty pleasures because it was embarrassing, who cares?! I still love reading Harry Potter and watching Disney movies and don’t give a second thought of how I look while doing these.  Why? Because I’m enjoying myself and think we all should.  Life is short. Buy the lipstick.

What are some of your guilt-less pleasures?


Get to Know Me


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Hello and welcome to my page!  My name is Erika and i’m in my mid-twenties.  I’m going to hit the big 2-5 soon.  A quarter century old?  Shoot, I’m impressed I made it out of my teens.  I have nicknames including Amerika, Chief, and Sassy if that gives you any idea of my personality. Although, I think it gives you an idea of my friends’ personalities as well.

I’m extremely outgoing and love to surround myself with positive people.  Life is far too short to be negative or to hurt others.  Although I’m proud of my positive outlook and demeanor, I’m far from calling myself a saint.  I make mistakes just like the next person, and I try to learn from every experience.  Along with the whole “not a saint thing”, I tend to find myself in random, comical, and unforgettable situations.  I have stories for days.

I live with my handsome roommate.  He is so sweet, cuddly, and just perfect.  He is a four legged, furry black cat.  His name is Waffles and I think of him as my “Clifford the Big Red Dog” meaning he was small enough to fit into my palm when I adopted him, and now he is a large handsome animal (which I credit to all the love I gave him). He is large due to his bigger frame, although there is a tiny bit extra in the belly region.  What can I say? I can’t say no when he meows for treaties.  I apologize in advance for the upcoming (and quite frankly inevitable) cat posts.

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